Money Robot SEO review: #1 Link Building Software

In this Money Robot SEO review, I revealed and reviewed in-depth a powerful SEO backlink software that you can use to get free and quality backlinks from authority web 2.0 blogs and social bookmarks.

With the easy to comprehend user interface, and simplicity, you’ll be able to create your own SEO link building campaigns with ease if you have basic software expertise. Money Robot Submitter is the best SEO software you’ll ever buy, and we’re convinced that no other program on the market can match its clever and fully automated capabilities and this makes it the best SEO software tool when it comes to backlinks on the market.

Money Robot SEO Review: What is Money Robot Software About?

Money Robot Submitter Software is a powerful SEO tool that help generates high-quality backlinks from high-traffic authority sites. The software can generate and manage an unlimited number of blogs, making it ideal for large-scale SEO efforts. Money Robot Submitter is useful for Content creators, website owners, bloggers and SEO companies and corporations… in fact every content creation business will surely need this tool. Enjoy!

With Money Robot SEO Software, the link submission process will be the simplest and most automatic with Money Robot Submitter; you will be able to construct an endless amount of links and increase traffic to your websites, resulting in more clients and sales for you.

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In the Money Robot SEO review video above, I explained in detail about Money Robot to easily rank your website on the first page of Google and other search engines including how to generate real-time website traffic, Youtube views to your videos and more. Plus how you can get the best out of Money Robot software

Money Robot Review 2022: Does It Worth It?

Does it worth your money should you invest in it or not. I’m going to be walking you through this money robot seo software today and also I’m going to also be giving you a few tips on how you can get the best of this software okay .

Money robots is a back linking software that help you create quality links from authority website so that in order for your money site or your client site to get ranked online as we all know today that getting quality backlinks is one of the top criteria by google to get ranked online and you know going through the process manually trying to sign up with authority website can be a bit stressful and time consuming – Getting your account verified and trying to create content and and all those things you know it takes a lot of time and if you are going to go through it it can take forever for you to even get results.

This is the beauty of Money Robot link submitter – It helps you to do all those things but it does it in an automated way. It automates the entire process for you to create a good content like an article, summit them on authority website to get the back links for you.

Money Robot SEO Review: The Backstory

Quickly now let me walk you through the whole thing, let me show you how it works by going into my own account to explain everything.

How I came about money robot in the first place, I think that was our 2018 when one of my friend actually was running a SEO backlink service on Fiverr, so from there we got to know money robot and invested in it by getting a licensed version of it.

We used using it for the client site to generate backlinks. Recently, I started using it again to build quality backlinks for a few of my web pages. I’m reviewing it for you so that you can see if it’s worth it of course it does but I have to do this review and walk you through the process so that you can make a solid buying decision about the software.

Money Robot SEO Review: Who Needs Money Robot SEO Software?

Who is an ideal user of Money Robot SEO Link Submitter?

If you are a blogger, an article or content writer, a website owner, a SEO company or seo service provider, a large media corporation or business. As long your business involves the production of content and it’s going to need visibility online.

If you fall into any of the afore-mentioned category or related, you might want to look into adding Money Robot into your list of SEO toolbox.

Money Robot SEO Review: Price

The next thing to look into is the pricing.

The monthly subscription cost $67 per month. The lifetime license is $497 dollars. You should consider the option that is best for you. If you are going to be using the software from time to time. I suggest that you go for the lifetime license here to save money.

They accept both card payment and cryptocurrency. This means that with your credit or debit card or with Bitcoin, you can purchase Money Robot SEO software.

Money Robot SEO Review: What Are The Things to Look Out For First?

Before you start running any campaign or creating a project with money robot seo software, the first thing first is to come to the “Settings” of the software.

At the setting section of the software, goto “Proxy” then make sure that “Use Money Robot Proxy System” is checked and Save. You need to check the box if you are just starting out and you’re using it for the first time. Alternatively, if you have your own premium proxy list (which I doubt by the way), then you may check “Use my proxy list“.

If you don’t have a proxy list of your own the best thing to do is to use the default which is the money robot proxy and don’t forget to save.


The “Captcha Services“.

Money Robot has improved over time. Before you will need to enter your captcha API and the likes but there is no need for that any longer. In this section, please make sure that the default (inbuilt) is enabled to solve all the captchas automatically. Then Save.

Money Robot SEO Review: Setting Up Your First Campaign With Money Robot

Now that you are done with the settings, the next possible thing will be to start creating your campaign for your link building activities for your money site. To do this, on the head tab, come to “New Campaign” and give your campaign a name. Make sure the name is memorable for easy navigation for your projects.

To check how to start your first campaign: Watch video.


Pick an SEO strategy.

By default, you will find few strategies from the list which you can use and you can as well import a new strategy (not on list) through their a special code or ID which can be requested through their Facebook Group or online chat.

From my experience, SEO strategy below with diagram details is good to start with.

  • Diagram name: “1>3>12
  • Diagram code:  87458HQR


Come back to the campaign section (by the left), right click with your mouse to bring more setting for you, then click on the Advanced. Under the account section this is where you are going to create a category and account on your campaign. The essence of this is so that you can navigate a related account at every point of creating a new campaign.


Enter your money site URL, one per line

Your money site url is the page you want to create backlinks for. It could be your website link or an article page you have created on your site or even both.


Enter the keywords to rank for

Here, you enter the exact keywords you intend to rank on Google and other search engines, one per line as well.


Content Creation.

One lovely thing about Money Robot is that it can generate unique articles for you on demand base on the keyword you supplied. Though the article might not always be the best as compared to what a real person will wrote but the article is fair enough for the purpose of the backlinks you want to create.

The “MR Article Builder” is able to generate this fresh article for you in few seconds with just a click. You can preview the content, or spin if not satisfied to re-create a new and unique article for you. Alternatively, you can also import your own written content if you don’t want to use Money Robot articles.

You also have the option to specify how many links you want within your article. Select accordingly to your choice but for me, I prefer 2-3 links with a given article.

Then, when you are done, click on “Start Campaign” and your first project will start immediately. Just watch while Money Robot performs it magic.

Threads Adjustment

One more thing, the default thread is 5 and you can leave it at that. But if you want to speed up the campaign process. You can increase it accordingly. I usually set mine to 10 threads. If you have a good PC (or VPS or RDP) with great configurations, you may increase yours too for faster performance. If not, leave it to 5 to avoid freezing your PC.

Duplicating a Campaign In Money Robot

So you know, you can duplicate your finished campaign and run it over again to create more backlinks for your website or article. But when you duplicate your campaign, remember to select the previous account and category you created in the first place if you are creating more backlinks for the same website or article.

Setting Up a VPS or RDP For Money Robot

VPS (Virtual Private Network) is a form of a virtualized server which are made available to an end user (you) over the internet but via a cloud or hosting provider. The VPS is installed on a physical machine, which is operated by the cloud or hosting provider.

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) works similar too but don’t let the grammar confuse you. The essence of both is to run either a software, website, app on cloud as if you are running them on a local machine (PC).

The beauty of this is to keep running your app or software 24/7. This can also be done with Money Robot software. With RDP, you can run it every time, non-stop. And in my own opinion, I think this is the best way to run MR.

This is exactly what I did. I run Money Robot on Amazon AWS (RDP). You can also do the same as well. Another good VPS/RDP service provider is VPS-Mart.

You can start with their basic window VPS, 4GB RAM and 100 SSD plan. Other better options are also available over there for best performance. Choose accordingly to your need and they will set it up for you in no time.

Money Robot SEO Review: Traffic Generation

Other things you can do is uh traffic so under traffic i’m also going to cover up my url here i’m very sorry for that so you can also use this to generate traffic like Generate constant daily traffic from the search engine to your uh link so the algorithm knows how what is doing so you are going to be getting traffic so if you want too hard all you just have to do is you know uh scroll down then add the urls where you want to drive your traffic to okay then insert them here including your youtube link as well so let’s say you want to drive traffic to your youtube link uh your video so you can Comment and add your youtube video url link and it’s going to uh give you a lot of views as you can see the views you can see if you look at here the views are made using over 18 000 youtube trusted account which are phone verified you can you see so you are getting real reviews from real account so this really helped you a lot and if this is social the same thing too you Can add your social link and everything will be cool and uh as you can see others again the under your account as you are creating account you’ll be seeing it from time every now and then the number of accounts and everything i think uh uh from there that will be half for now then okay uh one more thing you can also use it to perform some keyword research if you click on it type in your keyword research and you can you know so as you can see you have a lot of things You can actually use money robot for then if you want to join every uh group you can click here to do that straight up it’s going to take you to the present if you need help you can use this to contact them and i’m going to answer you okay i think uh with this uh uh review you’ve been able to see if one robot actually want it or not and based on my review

Money Robot SEO Review: My Experience

In the time past uh they decided to use uh this monitor board to rank Uh both my class our client site and even my site it it got uh the page got to the first page of google and i think that was in i think that should be in 10 to 14 days after so the the content we wrote was a very uh was a long take keyword content i mean we targeted a long take keyword okay so uh so but the competition was a very Healthy one but we wanna rank it so back then we used money robots for like 10 days after i got to the first page of google i think i was at the bottom page of the first page then i think seven days later i was on number one page i mean like number one i was ranking on the first page number one for that particular keyword so and this is why as you can See i’m still using them now i’m still using their software so if with this review i believe you’ve been able to uh make your point uh i’m very sorry if this thing is long i just have to do this so that you can get the best of uh this so and let’s say you also want to see the result of things you know things you’ve done you can come to url depending on you know the content you’ve Created if i come here you can see you can do all of this as you can see you can export it as other types of c uh cvs on the excel so maybe you are running it for a client and the demand for uh where the the link where their content where they buy the you’ve done you’ve actually published the content on just send them these exported and let them go through it okay so uh i wish you all the best and um one last thing which i promise you that i’m going to uh give to you Is um um coming is okay possibly you want you’re considering what uh best rdp you can use or you can use a vp mat okay you can use vpmart so i’m going to drop the link as well down below uh we use vp mark and

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