Job insecurity solution in Nigeria

Job Insecurity In Nigeria: A Smart Solution That Works!

First, let me quickly tell you this…

This is not a political kind of post abusing everyone up and down…

…or a kind of article that talks about things you can’t control in the country.

I don’t have time for that. I rather save my energy to focus more on the way forward.

So this article is just for two set of persons.

  • If you are here looking for a way out to your unsecured 9-to-5 job.
  • Or maybe you want to add a location-free, lucrative business to what you are already doing.

.. and you are open-minded to try new things out, then this article is for you.

If not, don’t waste your time reading, I advise you close this page right now.

If you are still reading, then continue…

Why I consider 9-to-5 jobs as ILLUSION and a way forward for a smart average Nigerian.

It starts with a story about Mr X.

Mr X is a very hardworking man with a decent salary paying job.

He loves his 9-to-5 job and the pay was good.

He is happily married to a lovely wife and kids too.

Things are going well with him.

Not until he received the worst nightmare of his life.

It was a severe crisis and it was shocking.

So many companies shut down as a result of this deadly crisis including Mr X company where he works.

So he was laid off.

It was as if he was dreaming but it was his reality.

It was a pity for Mr X because he had no other income stream to fall back on.

He believes his good reputation is always enough to make him stay forever with his job.

It would have been better if his job was even the type that can be run from home…

At least that would have saved him from losing his job.

Now bills keep piling up for him day by day and no way out yet.

If I may ask you…

Are you not also like Mr X?

I know many are going through the same situation right away as Mr X… No job, no pay…

Not sure where the next pay will come from and they are confused.

Luckily for you,

…You still have your job but what happens if you lose it?

I don’t pray you lose it, never will I… … but can we be realistic here..

Majority of Nigerian job system is like that of Mr X. “No work… No chop”.

Which means if something happens

… to an average Nigerian and he or she couldn’t work anymore…

How long will it take for his or her savings to totally dry up…completely?

I mean an average hardworking Nigerian here.

I mean someone who earns between N50k to N200k per month.

I mean someone married with kids.

I mean someone who has a family to take care of.

How long will it take for his or her savings to dry up totally?

I believe it won’t take up to 4 months.

Let’s spare the argument, let’s just say three months.


…right here, we are talking about someone who has been working very hard, daily for years.

Yet, just in a few months of not working, he or she could go broke easily…very quickly.

And this is why I keep saying it every time that the best kind of job to look into is the one that is…crisis-proof.

And this is why I am fully into digital jobs that can be done remotely and with the power of the internet and technology.

This is why I love getting involved in lucrative business models that I can run from home or anywhere…location free.

One of such lucrative online business I do is recommending other people’s valuable products online.

The beauty of this business model is that you run it from the comfort of your home (or anywhere)…and it will reward you greatly.

Even during the lock-down, this business model wasn’t affected a bit…

Instead, it grew better.

You can earn as high as N25,000 in commission on just a single digital product sale.

Let’s do the math here.

5 sales = N125,000 in net profit…

10 sales = N250,000 pure profit.

What if you can do more?

Remember, you can run it anywhere or even alongside your other business or work.

This is one of the smart business models that fetches me (and some smart Nigerians) money even during this lock-down that everyone is complaining no money.

I strongly believe any serious person who will take the time to learn it properly can do it.

This is not about you quitting your job, that’s not the point here…

But don’t you think you need a stable income stream that has no limitation in terms of time and location?

Don’t you think you need more high paying digital jobs (or business).

Don’t you think you and your loved ones deserves better?

Have you thought about that?

May be you are thinking right away how on earth can you learn this business model fast?

Well, I explained the exact 5 steps to follow in my new free PDF book just released a few days ago.

I titled it…

Passive Income Generator (PIG).

Inside you’ll discover my exact 5 steps I use over and over again to create a passive 4 – 5 figure income weekly… just by selling other’s product online using a smart system.

Here is a sneak peek of what you’ll learn…

✔ The most rewarding digital marketplace to get hot- in-demand digital products that sells fast… for MASSIVE profits.

✔ My top best kind of products that will heftily reward you (just 5 to 10 sales a month, you are doing fine).

✔ The smart marketing system I use to promote and how you can copy it to promote your offer effortlessly online.

✔ A free video training that shows the exact system in action giving you the step by step process to make at least N400K per month with it.

✔ And much much more…

It’s FREE to download but limited copies.

⚠ ⚠ But there is a very important thing to take note of here ⚠ ⚠

This business model isn’t for total broke people. I have to be honest with you.

This business model will require some little capital to get going…

Nothing scary by the way. I explained everything in the guide for you.

When you sign up with your email, the free PDF copy will be sent to your inbox.

Get instant access via the link 👇

See you on the inside,

To your success.

– Iyanu

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