20 Best Crypto Airdrops May 2022: Active & Free Airdrops

If you are looking for newest and profitable best crypto airdrops in May 2022. Here below are the top pick of crypto airdrops you can claim right away to your wallet.

Requirement: Active telegram, and a twitter account to claim your free airdrops. While some may demand you have an active email, Facebook, and Discord account.

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Best Crypto Airdrops May 2022 List

1. SolForces Metaverse

SolForces is the decentralized play-to-earn metaverse where. NFT army soldiers will fight in Battlefield. The total reward is 500,000 $F10 ($25,000 USD) tokens. All the winners will get tokens after IDO. 

SolForces Airdrop details:


  • 100 random participants get each 3000 $F10 airdrop (IDO price 0.05$ F10)
  • 100 random participants get IDO Whitelist spot
  • Airdrop winners will be announced

To Claim SolForces Airdop:

Visit: https://sweepwidget.com/view/44166-b9a46vnx

SolForces airdrop of 1,000,000 F10 is coming very soon for those who will help our community to grow and promote. Participants have to complete all the tasks and have to submit a BSC address to complete and win the airdrop.

2. BMBCoin BMB

Airdrop BMB Coin BMB rewards 1500 BMB for all users. It involves taking advantage of various incentives rewards for locking up (or staking) different cryptocurrencies.

BMB is the core token of BMBCoin Ecosystem. It is used in governance of the protocol and in various Features BMB is an up and coming popular method for cryptocurrency owners to gain passive income.

BMBCoin Airdrop details:

Steps to Claim BMBCoin Airdop:

This whitepaper focuses on the BMBCoin Finance farming mechanism for the BMB token which we hope will become one of the highest performing yield farming pools.

3. Metawarz

Metawarz is airdropping a total of $2000 of Metawarz Tokens.

Meta Warz is an evolution in Web 3.0 blockchain gaming with state of the art play-to-earn gameplay. An immersive blockchain-based First Person Shooter game, with a unique gaming experience through a combination of traditional base gameplay and smart contract mechanics.

Metawarz Airdrop details:

  • Max rewards: 1
  • Estimated Value: 1000USD
  • $LEGION: Metawarz Governance Token
  • $WARZ: In-Game Currency
  • $1000 worth of $LEGION Token to 100 random winners
  • $1000 worth of $WARZ Token to Top 20 referrers 
  • 1 Whitelist spot for each of top 10 referrers
  • End date:
  • Website: https://givelab.com/

To Claim Metawarz Airdop:

  • Visit – https://givelab.com/mtWoeR/2000…
  • Complete all required tasks 
  • Complete extra tasks to increase your chance to win 
  • Comment on the giveaway post and tag 3 friends

The top 10 Referrers have an opportunity to Win Whitelist Spots

4. Anonverse

“Anonverse is an Multi-element decentralized autonomous application platform.1st Global platform that integrates fully decentralized non-custodial protocol, security solutions, GameFi and DAO!Aonverse, DAO, Anonymous,Privacy Transactions, Security Audit, Play2Earn, Compete2Earn, Launchpad! This a “Crypto war”. V.DAO V.DAO is a community of blockchain citizens who build a blockchain technology exchange community & fund public blockchain products Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Decisions get made from the bottom-up.”

1st Global platform that integrates fully decentralized non-custodial protocol, security solutions, GameFi and DAO!Anonymous, P2E, DAO! This a “Crypto holywar”. Multi-element decentralized autonomous application platform.

Anonverse Airdrop details:

How to Participate?

The winner will receive an airdrop of NFT blind box, please open your blind box on the BOX page of Anonverse official website.

5. BlockX

Block X – Open Network for Finance. Global multi-chain Payment & Settlement Chain for Digital Assets, transforming traditional Finance into the Blockchain era.

BlockX is airdropping a total of 200,000 BCX to users who complete simple tasks. Create an account at BlockX, complete simple social tasks and submit your details to the airdrop page to receive 20 BCX. Top 200 referrals will receive 100 BCX each.

BlockX Airdrop details:

Steps to Claim BMBCoin Airdop:

  • Create an account at BlockX.
  • Visit the BlockX airdrop page.
  • Join their Telegram group and Discord.
  • Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Get your Referral ID.
  • Retweet this tweet and tag 3 friends and three companies, add your referral ID and post.
  • Submit your details to the airdrop page
BlockX is a global cross-chain settlement & payments network for digital assets to power various use cases in finance including banking, trade-finance, asset management, securitization, trading, etc. BlockX IEO is now live on ExMarkets.

6. Pando

The Pando Coin was engineered to provide a revolutionary new way of Rewards culture to the browsing environment. PANDO coin is engineered to allow its users to experience maximum financial benefits with transparency and the privacy protection level they deserve. We hope that our products such as the browser and messenger will support positive change in the world.

Pando is a web 3.0 browser available for android. Pando is a web 3.0 browser that has free VPN, mining rewards capabilities. Pando can reward it’s users with financial rewards. Pando is planning to work with IPFS compatible dapps in the future. Acquire Pando coin today and become part of the new revolution.

Pando Airdrop details:

How to Participate?

PANDO has updated its official channels for the new year with new start

Complete the task: Like and retweet the PANDO pinned Airdrop Tweet on : Tag at least 3 of your friends while using the hashtags #PANDO #WEB3.0

7. Micro Lumens ($MICRO)

Micro Lumens is a XLM web wallet. Micro Lumens is a quick and easy way to handle Lumens. It’s a simple, smooth and secure wallet. Micro Lumens supports every asset issued on Stellar network: tethered assets, ICO, and airdrop tokens. And, of course, XLM.

Free 5 micro and 0.1 micro each valid referral.

$MICRO Airdrop details:

Steps To Claim FREE $MICRO Airdop:

8. BUSDPro

BUSDPro – What is very much needed in the Binance Smart Chain space.

An hyper deflationary meme token that grows in your wallet by simply holding it. A community with fellow BUSD which are protecting each other. An environment where legit meme coins can be deployed for the community.

BUSDPro Airdrop details:

Steps To Claim BUSDPro Airdop:

  • Copy link and Open trust wallet
  •  Paste it into Dapps search bar
  • Select BSC then Enable BUSD Airdrop
  • Claim Airdrop

9. Phu Quoc Dog (PQD)

“Decentralized social network and NFT platform for pets. Where you can share photos and videos of your pet’s life, rescue puppies, adopt a pet, find pet friendly places and take advantage of our useful pet services. Dog protocol.”

We are currently hosting an airdrop with PQDCoin 2.0. In this airdrop, there are 1,000,000,000 PQD up for grabs, and there will be 5,000 winners of up to 100,000 PQD.

PQD Airdrop details:

Steps To Claim PQD Airdop:

PQD is committed to providing easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure and creating a one-stop comprehensive infrastructure platform, which aims to reduce the threshold and cost for developers while bringing them great returns. and Nicknamed the WE LOVE DOG

10. PayPal Token (PAL)

PayPal Token- A Univeral Crypto Payment Gateways

PaypalCoin is the best payment gateway project on Binance Smart Chain, providing a more profitable asset transfer experience. You can also Stake BNB and earn up to 4% BNB DAILY. You will enjoy stable passive income and high APR. You don’t need to exchange your BNB for any tokens, just start to earn BNB with BNB so easily.

PAL Airdrop details:

Steps To Claim PAL Airdop:

  • Visit site: https://paypalcoin.live/
  • Copy link and Open trust wallet
  •  Paste it into DApps search bar
  • Select BSC then claim Airdrop
You will be pleasantly rewarded for your work in attracting people with a 5 - level affiliate program. Get up to 7% from each deposit of invited users.

11. MetaGate (metaG)

MetaGate is part of the new generation of gaming being built on the blockchain which gives players full ownership of their characters, and rewards them for playing in a “play to earn” model of gaming which has taken the cryptospace by storm in 2021

metaG Airdrop details:

Steps To Claim metaG Airdop:

  • Join their Telegram group.
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Like, retweet the tweet and provide the link.
  • Tweet with #metaGateGame and 3 friends or more
  • Join Airdrop: Here

12. Nethereum (NTH)

Nethereum is a cryptocurrency platform by Netkay mega-link foundation and a digital payment token built on the Binance smart chain [BSC].

Nethereum is moving to the space of metaverse and will be a reserve system currency for the Nethereum metaverse. And will be bringing Protocol Owned Liquidity to our own decentralised exchange.

Nethereum Airdrop details:

Steps To Claim NTH Airdop:

13. BNBBank ($BNBBANK )

BNBBank is a new revolutionary project that allows all BNBBank ($BNBBANK) HODLERS to generate infinite passive rewards in the form of BNB & $BNBBANK tokens!

BNBBank Airdrop details:

Steps To Claim $BNBBANK Airdop:

  • Visit: https://bnbbank.online/#Dashboard
  • Copy link and open Trust wallet
  • Paste into Dapps Search bar
  • Convert ETH to BSC Network
  • Then claim Airdrop or Buy
When you HODL BNBBank ($BNBBANK) you get rewarded automatically in BNB & $BNBBANK tokens at every referral. So refer and bag as much $BNBBANK as you can!


Each Person who completes all the task are eligible to claim 3000 BOX tokens.
According to the presale price 1 BOX ~ 0.025$, total airdrop will be 75$
5% of Total Supply (72 Million) is allocated to Airdrop Program

Burnox (BOX) Airdrop details:

Steps To Claim BURNOX Airdop:

15. SwissBorg (CHSB)

SwissBorg The SwissBorg project aim to revolutionize wealth management solutions with a community centric approach powered by Ethereum.

A team of finance and technology experts dedicated to democratising wealth management by making it fun, fair and community-centric.

SwissBorg Reward details:

Steps To Claim SwissBorg Reward:

  • Visit: https://swissborg.com/chsb-rewards
  • Share the SwissBorg app with your friends and every successful invite earns you and your friend a Rewards Ticket valued from €1 to €100*.
  • Once onboarded to the Wealth app your friend has to make a deposit, in crypto or fiat, worth the equivalent of at least €50
  • You both receive a ticket that can be worth up to €100 in Bitcoin
  • Scratch it and get the price!
You can get up to €100 per ticket, and you can test your luck as many times as you want because you can invite more than one friend and each time both of you will be rewarded.  

16. SolanaSwap (SOL)

SolanaSwap makes it easy to switch out any token for another, in seconds. SolanaSwap will be home to some of the leading tools in the decentralized finance space. Our first tool, SolanaSwap, is a state of the art DEX (Decentralized Exchange).

SolanaSwap Token details:

Steps To Claim SolanaSwap Token

  • Visit: https://solanaswap.online/
  • Copy link and Open trust wallet
  •  Paste it into Dapps search bar
  •   Select BSC then claim Airdrop
  •  Import your Custom Token into Your Wallet

17. FarmFactory (FARM)

FarmFactory is the best Yield Farm project on Binance Smart Chain, providing a more profitable farming experience. You can Stake ADA | BUSD | CAKE | DOGE | SHIB | XRP & Earn up to 8% Daily

FarmFactory Airdrop details:

Steps To Claim FarmFactory Airdrop

Fixed-Income Hybrib Mining Platform. Stake ADA | BUSD | CAKE | DOGE | USDT | SHIB | XRP & Earn up to 8% Daily

18. Binabots (BBOT)

Binabots are battle bots that lives in Binance smart chain, each robot have its own stats which helps win battles. Binabots can be used in dungeron quests and battles to earn BBOT which is the official currency for binabots.

Every time you claim the airdrop you pay a small contract fee that is collected to create liquidity at pancakeswap at day of launch, you also help spread the token on more wallets, you can claim for your friends as well, the airdrop ends at April 2022.

Binabots (BBOT) Airdrop details:

Steps To Claim Binabots (BBOT) Airdrop

  • Visit the link – https://binabots.com/airdrop/
  • Click the tweet button and share tweet.
  • Claim your tokens using metamask wallet.
  • No need to retweet again unless you change to a new device.
Binabots daily airdrop of 3 BBOT, Binabots is an incoming Binance chain BSC play to earn game that makes use of NFT technology and chainless transactions which means free transaction fees when playing.

19. Trip Coin (TRPCN)

Trip Coins are special coins, the Project foresees the use in the Business. Developed to promote business interoperability. They allow, based on the quantity in possession, to interact in the decision-making field by increasing and extending the governance of the Company, having a commercial value on the Uniswap Pool, they can be used as remuneration and prizes.

Trip Coin (TRPCN) Airdrop details:

Steps To Claim Trip Coin (TRPCN) Airdrop

Trip Coin is a virtual currency that uses an Ethereum protocol with the Erc20 standard and gives access to new applications, information and new theoretical and practical perspectives applicable in all fields and company projects, automatically signing each action directly in the Ethereum blockchain, without any human validation.

20. USDGold (USDG)

The world’s only enterprise blockchain solution for global payments. The current altcoin landscape is characterized by extreme volatility, FOMO, dumps, and inflation. USDG’s goal is to offer a deflationary asset with protections for dumping and monetary incentives for holding.

USDGold (USDG) Airdrop details:

Steps To Claim USDGold (USDG) Airdrop

  • Join Airdrop: https://usdgold.online/#presale_airdrop
  • Open Trust Wallet or Metamask
  • Paste Airdrop Link in Dapp Browser
  • Select Smart Chain Network
  • Connect Wallet
  • Click On Claim Button to Claim the Airdrop
  • Confirm the Transaction & Receive Tokens.
This utility token has features like an anti-dump tax, holder rewards, and burns on every sell. We're also planning more burns and rewards systems, such as yield farming/staking, airdrops, and NFT drops. USDG gives access to certain community features, such as private groups where nascent projects are announced and incubated, as well as governance.

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